Scientific Papers

I regularly publish my research in international peer-reviewed journals, and encourage and support my students to publish their theses and dissertation chapters. I have published in a broad variety of journals, servicing fields from geology and paleontology to biology and zoology, as well as a number of interdisciplinary science journals. PDFs of all these publications can be found on and researchgate. You can also track my citations through my Google Scholar profile.

A number of my publications have been featured in international news sources; you can find a few examples here and here. My discovery of Pentecopterus, the oldest known eurypterid, made the Forbes 10 Most Incredible Fossil Finds of 2015. I also spoke about Pentecopterus on the Palaeocast podcast and to the BBC. In 2019, I gave the keynote talk at the Paleontological Research Institute’s Darwin Day event in New York, and spoke about the evolution of horseshoe crabs on the Eureka: Sounds of Science podcast.

Where publications include contributions by students and lab members their names are italicized.



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